Flight Rising+some

Phantom-MoonPhantomtemperedchaos-stonephoenixbroodnasBlazing phoenix profile picOphelia art

these are my pretty starter dragons. moonburrow and dusk. these dragons are from flightrising. you can register when there is a registration window. only one account per person.

these are my favorite dragons. you can find me on flightrising as BlazingPhoenix01.

21666900_350BlazingPhoenix, my clan leader20080420_350MoonLight, my clan guardian21878552_350Jade, my clan gem carver

.these are my favorite pairs

this is my first favorite pair, BlazingPhoenix and BurningPhoenix. Phoenix’s Nest

my second, Xyxis and Vinset.  New Generation

my third, WhisperingNight and ScreamingDusk. Night Wanderers

my fourth, Voovoo and Zombe’day. Undead Cry

now welcoming Sparta, my one and only spiral!


well. that’s all for now. make sure to click the links above in the text to find these pretty dragons and a wonderful pass-time.